System Integration EDI a EAI

System integration provides for a interconnection of various software systems company and their business partners in a functional unit. The aim is that this unit worked as effectively as possible, according to defined schema.
The basis of system integration is purposefully designed infrastructure aimed at supporting processes of information exchange between systems within the company's EAI, but within the B2B communications for standardized exchange of EDI data.

Manages information

BIS 6 automates all of your business processes in a secure, transparent, and cost-efficient way.

SEEBURGER's Business Integration Server (BIS) is the most comprehensive and cost-effective business integration platform in the industry.

Manages communications

BIS 6 communicates with any B2B or EDI system. It is guaranteed to learn any new language you need to communicate with future business partners.

Možnosti propojení systémů EAI a EDI přes integrační platformu BIS

Designed to cut administrative costs and accelerate business processes by automating trading relationships throughout the supply chain, it is the only middleware solution capable of integrating 100% of an organization's applications and trading partners - including smaller customers and suppliers that still do business on paper.



  • Reduced handling costs, achieved through end-to-end electronic transaction processing that eliminates manual data entry even for smaller partners.

    Managed time

    The automation of manual processes improves the reliability and time efficiency of your daily work flow.
  • Reduced inventory levels, with associated cash flow benefits, produced by the availability of up-to-the-minute information along the value chain.
  • Faster transaction processing, resulting from automation of all processes and the elimination of bottlenecks associated with manual data entry.
  • Shorter lead times and faster time to market, made possible by the accelerated availability of information to all members of the supply chain
  • Reduced IT maintenance expenses, provided by a simpler infrastructure that eliminates point-to-point connections and multiple integration technologies.

Manages safety

BIS 6 guarantees the secure and transparent exchange of information within and outside your company.
  • Increased data security and an improved monitoring system of information exchange, which monitor data exchange between different systems and the possibility of secure communication and complete logging.

Unique BIS Features & Capabilities:

  • Automated processing of paper transactions, including faxed documents, through a combination of OCR, artificial intelligence and data validation/exception handling that dramatically reduce manual data entry.
  • One-platform architecture with all components and adapters developed in-house by SEEBURGER to ensure compatibility, provide a common work environment, and simplify maintenance across the extended supply chain.
  • Rapid deployment that is typically two to three times faster than other solutions, via thousands of reusable industry-specific processes and templates, an extensive library of adapters, and a rapid implementation process.

    BIS Connectivity Options for Smaller Trading Partners:
  • Business Mail offers two-way interactive e-mail integration that automatically converts pre-configured populated forms sent by e-mail into XML documents.
  • WebForms/Portal permits electronic data exchange via Web browser with automatic generation of shipping notices, bar codes and other documents.


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