Electronic Data Interchange EDI

Electronic data interchange (EDI) – more efficient, more transparent, safer and cheaper communication.

Reduced handling costs

achieved through electronic transaction processing that eliminates manual data entry even for smaller partners.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) automates an exchange of structured and standardized documents between systems of business partners such as orders, delivery notes or invoices, other information such as product catalogs or information about sales, inventory or billing information. Time of electronic transmission of information between partners doesn‘t exceed a few minutes with availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Low costs

with associated cash flow benefits, produced by the availability of up-to-the-minute information along the value chain.

The main objective of the implementation of these systems is the gradual replacement of paper documents in order to increase speed and efficiency of transmission, but also possibilities for further automatic processing, including the filing of tax documents in compliance with all applicable legislative requirements. The introduction of electronic communication brings the greatest benefits in particular within the regular exchange of large amounts of standardized documents.

Faster transaction processing

resulting from automation of all processes and the elimination of bottlenecks associated with manual data entry.

There are several standards within the scope of the electronic communication used today in relation to individual fields, such as EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA or standards based on XML and others. For electronic communication is essential that both partners were able to communicate within certain standards, ensuring their compatibility with trading partners.

There are systems ensuring compatibility, because different companies routinely use different information systems supporting different standards. Integration system Business Integration Server (BIS 6) of SEEBURGER is the absolute world leader in the industry with 25 years of tradition, experience and relevant references in various sectors within the electronic data interchange EDI.

Shorter lead times and faster time to market

made possible by the accelerated availability of information to all members of the supply chain.

 BIS system in the current version 6 offers a middleware solution that links information systems and client systems with their partners. BIS offers a connection to the client's information system, data conversion, which is able to translate the format of the data exchanged by the client system to a standardized format without modification on the client systems, and connections to partners while ensuring all safety and functions, the rules and other possibilities of various processes according to requirements of clients.



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