Managed File Transfer MFT

Every day, critical and confidential data flows within and across corporate firewalls—as attachments to ordinary emails, as contents of scheduled daily batch transmissions, as uploads to collaborative work environments between colleagues working remotely. Each time, the potential for exposure of this vital data to unintended recipients exists. In many companies, there are no clear policies for who, how and to whom this data can be sent. Such lack of governance, control and policies creates major business risks for the organization.

Small, Midsize and large companies are increasingly deploying managed file transfer (MFT) solutions to transfer, monitor, govern and regulate sensitive data flow between people inside and outside their companies.

SEEBURGER MFT solution includes integrated functionality like secured & encrypted transmission, checkpoint-restarts, policy management, and end to end monitoring of confidential data.

SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer an independent module of the Business Integration Suite BIS is the universal data transfer and integration for B2B/MFT and more.


  • Provide maximum security level - Encryption of both data and transfer protocol for ad-hoc and scheduled data transfers.
  • Satisfies governance and compliance mandates - Auditability and traceability with real time visibility, monitoring and reporting of messages, files and transactions between systems, applications and databases .
  • Offers broad coverage and unlimited volume - Small or large files, structured or unstructured, internal and external transfers, automated between systems or interactive with human interactions.
  • Streamlines initial setup and implementation for reducing operating costs - Standard packaged implementation with preconfigured components and minimal customization for rapid deployment.
  • Ensures seamless integration with other B2B processes - Uniform platform for B2B processes and MFT solution provides tight integration of MFT and B2B processes.

SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer Solution enables secured, consistent and comprehensible data transfer scenarios in various business situations:

  • System-to-System - Shared Applications (POS, Scales, CAx, external stocks)
  • System-to-Human - Large Files (CAx, Print, Media, Grafics)
  • Human-to-Human - Confidential information (Finance, Price lists, Customer information, Development, HR-Information)

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