Communication Service for SAP GTS

More and more customs authorities especially in the European Union and North America are moving away from paper-based communication and thus require exporting companies to provide customs and trade documents electronically. With SAP’s customs application »Global Trade Services« (GTS) and its embedded »Business Integration Server« (BIS GTS) from SEEBURGER, SAP users are already prepared to comply with these requirements.

To make it even easier for GTS users SEEBURGER has introduced the »Communication Service for SAP GTS«. Using the service, GTS customers can now outsource their BIS GTS to SEEBURGER and focus on their core business. SEEBURGER ensures that the data exchange between SAP GTS and the respective customs authorities is processed smoothly and reliably.

After the initial connection of SAP GTS to the SEEBURGER data center, SEEBURGER specialists take care of all further procedures. Whether it is the configuration of all the messaging processes, the configuration of the communications with the customs authorities, monitoring of all of the involved processes, or the management of system performance and availability, companies can always rely on SEEBURGER’s »Communication Service for SAP GTS«.

Through status messages sent from SEEBURGER’s »Communication Service« to SAP GTS, users can check the progress of customs transactions at any given time.

Users of SEEBURGER’s »Communication Service for SAP GTS« do not need to make any additional investments for infrastructure, software or personnel. During operational hours no additional running costs for personnel, training, or maintenance arise.

  • Best services - SEEBURGER’s >>Communication Service for SAP GTS<< allows you to instantly start B2B communication with customs authorities.
  • Best processes - Leave your B2B communication with customs authorities with SEEBURGER and concentrate on your core business.
  • Best performance - High performance and reliability guarantee a fast and seamless B2B data exchange with your customs authorities.
  • Best security - Our automated 24/7 monitoring warrants the utmost security for your B2B data exchange with customs authorities.
  • Low Costs - No additional investment for infrastructure or personnel is needed, just sign in and start asap.


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