Trading Partner Enablement

Simplifying and streamlining the enablement process is critical to success. SEEBURGER provides an automated, easy-to-use tools that drastically slash costs, time and effort required for onboarding partners, whether they are new trading partners to the central hub, or existing partners migrating to a new system.

Creating an electronic trading partner community provides the foundation for a lean and efficient supply chain, with important cost savings and ROI benefits:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved visibility into spending
  • Improved usage and value of supply chain automation investments

These trading partner anablement solutions include:

Paper-to-ERP, enabling faxes and other paper documents to be processed electronically to reduce the time and error risks of manual data entry.

XMLMail, offering two-way interactive e-mail integration that automatically converts pre-configured populated forms sent by e-mail into XML documents.

WebForms/Portal, permitting electronic data exchange via Web browsers with automatic generation of responses, bar codes and other documents.

Hub & Spoke, a centrally managed add-on component installed by smaller partners that integrates with the SEEBURGER B2B Gateway as well as the supplier's back-end application for seamless collaboration.

EDI, XML & Web Services, accommodate all industry and regional-specific data standards used for trading Industries


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