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Everything is changing, evolving, flowing...

People are constantly looking for better products, superior services in less time - all at lower prices, with the use of environmentally sound technologies whenever possible.

This state of affairs may not be an obstacle for you, moreover can become your competitive advantage, if you can effectively utilize it.

One of the ways for development of your company is the introduction of innovative technologies and practices, that will move your company on the path to success.

Many beneficial discoveries and knowledge never apply in practical life because of their unpreparedness for entry into real life.
A team of experts at VISCON is working hard to change this situation and useful discoveries and insights could come to practice.

Take the opportunity to contact us, we will put your project into life together.

About company

VISCON HOLDING a.s. is a consulting company that brings together two groups of subjects: research institutes and inventors with business and production companies.
We facilitate the development of business potential in the Czech Republic and with international offices in the whole world.

To Scientific organizations and inventors, we help find the practical application of new knowledge and products. Safeguard and ensure the implementation of beneficial projects and technological innovations in the international commercial environment.

Helping companies in identifying and developing new and efficient business opportunities. Thanks to the application of latest technology and scientific knowledge into practice leads to significant improvement of services, cost savings, etc. The main contribution of our work, however, is to increase the competitiveness of our client companies in the market.

How we work

Our services are provided by several major sources:

  •  employees of the company
  •  external highly professional specialists carefully selected for each area
  •  specialized partner companies

In terms of team composition, we have experts who are specialists both in local markets within the European Union and on other continents.

Through years of experience and expertise of our stuff we ensure a high level of provided service.



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